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Groundwerk Listening Party


Groundwerk is on a mission to grow Vancouver's music scene through artist development, knowledge sharing and community collaboration. Sign up for our newsletter to watch it all happen.

Queensyze keynote, Groundwerk Listening Party, The Media Club

We host a monthly social meet-up where the music we listen to throughout the night is submitted by local artists leading up to the event. Each event features a keynote presentation on a range of topics relevant to pushing the music scene forward in Vancouver. These events are informal affairs, not simply for producers, but anyone who enjoys and appreciates local music.


Julie-anne Saroyan |Joseph Martin | Joel Armstrong | Queensyze | Josh Garrett | Sara Spicer

Rennie Foster | Sam Ryan | Chris Brandt | Luke McKeehan | Omri Amouyal | Shannon Luttmer

Joel West | Malcolm Levy | Robbie Slade | Paul McCabe | Ryan Enockson | Matt Dauncey | Cloud Kid

Art Over Ego Artists

Words from the Groundwerk community

"Groundwerk has provided me with a platform to share my music and network with other individuals in my local community. But more importantly, much more importantly... it's made me realize that I'm not alone in this endeavour. Through these experiences I've been able to reaffirm within myself that there is purpose to what we do as artists. A sense of creative fulfillment and the pursuit of mastery (which of course can never be attained) is something that I've now realized supersedes any sort of monitory or tangible form. I feel happiness in my heart when I hear the work of others in my community. We share in these moments to experience something greater than ourselves alone. We share in this as a collective consciousness, learning more about ourselves and what it means to live in this world."

Liam O'Loughlin [Black Vise]

"Groundwerk has helped me come out of my shell socially and musically, I always shy away from attending events and playing shows but Groundwerk is helping me break through the barrier more than anything in my 5 years of making electronic music! "

Alistair Sinclaire [Discozombie]

"I am so grateful for the community building and the opportunity to meet other artists. Groundwerk has measurably boosted my productivity by always giving me a deadline."

Nathan Salloum [Beardfight]

"When I first moved to Vancouver I was finding it really hard to make friends and I was heavily missing creative relationships. Through groundwerk I was able to meet artists that have changed my life and continue to inspire me to grow and progress everyday. The community at groundwerk is SO inclusive and I'm so grateful for what they've curated for local artists! Groundwerk has directly and indirectly improved my life big time!"

Tee Krispil


The Groundwerk Team


Groundwerk is nothing without our community. Thank you to the over 200 artists that have already had their music premiered at the Groundwerk Listening Party, and to the thousands of folks who have supported this community by attending our events thusfar.